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International Emerging Artist Award presents the winners of “QLOCKTWO Artist’s Edition Award” in an exclusive product launch at M.A.D.Gallery, Alserkal Avenue (Dubai)

Winner, Lauris Zailaa' (Lebanon)
OneLove, Mix media, digital art
Emirati Winner, Eman ElHashemi (United Arab Emirates)
International Emerging Artist Award is pursuing its event series as part of its 4th award edition program with the upcoming launch of the Artist’s Edition of multi-award winning designer brand QLOCKTWO exclusively at M.A.D.Gallery. The launch event will take place on Monday, 16 May 2016 at 7:00 PM in Alserkal Avenue.
The “QLOCKTWO Artist’s Edition Award” results from the partnership between the International Emerging Artist Award, designer brand QLOCKTWO and M.A.D.Gallery who created a unique prize which would land the winners one year contract for the manufacture and sale of the QLOCKTWO Artist’s Edition.
Participants were requested to submit an artistic variation of the QLOCKTWO front cover while keeping in mind the technical configuration of the product. Marco Biegert & Andreas Funk, Founders of QLOCKTWO and Rebia Naim, Award Director were among the jurors who scored the 500 entries received for this award category. A separate selection was made for the artists who entered the Emerging Emirati Artist Award. The outcome is the unearthing of two brilliant visual artists, Emirati born Eman ElHashemi and Dubai-based Lebanese citizen Lauris Zailaa whose proposals made the unanimity among the jury panel.
Eman ElHashemi’s visual explores the vulnerable and unpredictable nature of things, the contrast between boldness and fragility, order and disorder, predictability and chaos. “The combination of random bold chaotic marks that I try to control by the layering of shapes and positioning them is an attempt to control this chaos and give it order. Experimentation and process are an important part of my work but it remains uncertain, mysterious, and unpredictable”, says Eman.
Lauris Zailaa’ work is about the universal concept of OneLOVE or in Arabic Al Eshq Wal Hawa (العشق و الهوى  ) which combines classical Arabic Calligraphy in 'Al Thulth' font style with a vibrant and modern geometrical twist. “In a world where too many tears had shed and 'Enough' was screamed in all languages, I try to bring back the essence of  OneLOVE and the principle to achieve it:  taking the “time” to reflect on ourselves  and the world we live in and realize our differences are what unite us. I visually represented this concept by blending colors and shapes to create a harmonious piece filled with positive energy”, stated Lauris.
The two winners will also travel to Germany with IEAA in July 2016 to meet the founders of QLOCKTWO Marco Biegert & Andreas Funk and visit both the factory and flagship store. 
“We are very pleased that the International Emerging Artist Award was able to bring together both QLOCKTWO and M.A.D.Gallery to offer a prize of this caliber to the winners. Proposing this award shows the different ways to nurture the career of an emerging artist as an alternative to traditional gallery representation and exhibition shows. It is our mission to create these opportunities especially when organizations are willing to involve young artists in their creative and selling process but do not have access to these portfolios”, explained Rebia Naim, Award Director.
The QLOCKTWO Artist’s Edition will be produced in a limited edition of 20 piece for each artist and available exclusively at M.A.D.Gallery.  The artists will receive a royalty fee for each piece sold. 

ABOUT MB&F M.A.D.Gallery:

The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery is a captivating universe of kinetic art where Horological Machines and Mechanical Art Devices reign supreme. The first M.A.D.Gallery opened in 2011 in Geneva on Rue Verdaine, a stone’s throw from MB&F’s offices and atelier in the heart of the city’s old town. A second location opened in 2014 in Taipei. Inside the galleries, you have the pleasure of discovering carefully-curated pieces – or, as we like to call them, Mechanical Art Devices – from around the world, each one making your heart beat that little bit faster. You exhale, only then to find the complete range of MB&F Horological Machines and Legacy Machines.
Speaking on the decision to launch the Dubai outpost of the M.A.D.Gallery concept, MB&F Founder and Creator Maximilian Büsser said: “Dubai is the most influential and dynamic art hub in the region and we are excited to introduce these international artists to the local audience for the first time. In Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons we found the perfect local partners as they have believed in and supported the M.A.D.Gallery concept from the very beginning. We saw the M.A.D.Gallery as the perfect platform to showcase kinetic art by creators we greatly admire. The artworks we have chosen for M.A.D.Gallery speak to the creative, youthful and playful spirit within us and encourage the viewer to engage on a personal level.”


A strong friendship paired with diligence and inventive genius has helped the designer duo Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk from Schwaebisch Gmünd achieve global success. They are the inventors of the word clock "QLOCKTWO®". The principle behind displaying the time in words is as amazing as it is brilliant. The two friends founded their company "BIEGERT & FUNK" in 1999 already. The emerging internet turned out to be the ideal booster and soon the company was offering web- and print-related services, design and advertising concepts, growing to 20 employees.
Alongside day-to-day business, Biegert and Funk were constantly exploring new ideas. They are enthusiastic about anything to do with time displays and new techniques. After countless discussions and few approaches, they developed the "QLOCKTWO®" concept. The basic principle is simple as it often is with good things. A matrix with a seemingly random arrangement of letters forms the basis. However, the design contains the words necessary to describe the hours and five-minute intervals. "Es ist halb acht" or "It is twenty past nine".
Behind each letter cut out of the front plate there is a white LED. The two designers also found a way to display the minutes between each five-minute interval – through four LEDs in the corners of the square clock.
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World Art Dubai "Under 1,000 USD Wall" Winners

​Naima White, United States
Our Journey is Long
Digital Photography
​Dimensions Variable

Amanda Almarshoud, Kuwait / USA 
Dance Off a Paper Grid- Planes of Dance"
Watered down charcoal powder, painted with hair
106cm x 182cm

Takayoshi Ueda, Japan
Fertile Island II (L) ED1/6
Giclee (pigment-based inkjet print) on synthetic fiber cloth, synthetic resin, wood panel mount type.

Mona Moein, Iran / Germany
Puppet of Society
Mixed media on canvas 
100 x 50 cm

Nemat Hassan, Pakistan
Mix media 
Distinction flux to feisty felicity
​40 x 29 cm 

Stephanie Holznecht, United States
Breaking Free
Fluid acrylic paint on canvas 
60 x 60 unframed 

Susie Benes, Canada
Meditative Foal
Wood, Wire, clay, pigment powders
H 30 x L 40,6 x W 24,1

Liudmila Panenkova, Russian Federation
Gel pen, pencil, paper, 2015, 500 euro (framed, ivory colored wooden box frame, black passpartout, glass)
​37x33 cm

Faisal Ahmed, Saudi Arabia
December 1979
42,0 x 59,4 cm
Screen Print 

Cecilia Taibo Rahban, United States
Steel Pearl Bow Tie Necklace
Stainless Steel
 17,8 x 17,8 x 5 cm in shadowbox

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"Immerse" at THE BEACH Award
Eman ElHashem
i, United Arab Emirates
Karina Sarkisova, Russian Fed. / United Arab Emirates
Jiwha Lee, Republic of South Korea
Mendy Howe, United Kingdom / Philippines

Oliver Bubu Schibli, Switzerland
Tracy Thomas, Australia
Uili Lousi, Tonga
Yasmine Alnabulsi, Jordan

QLOCKTWO Artist's Edition Award
Eman ElHashem
i, United Arab Emirates
Lauris Zailaa', Lebanon / United Arab Emirates

Show At The Fair Award
Eman ElHashemi
Ameena Aljarman 
Amira Al Awadhi 
Nooran AL Bannay
Sara AlSuwaidi
Mariam Abbas

Manfred Kielnhofer, Austria
Noor Naqaweh, Syria / Canada
Mozhde Nourmohammadi, Iran / Spain
Umair Anwar, Pakistan
Alberto Echegaray Guevara, Argentina / United States
John Franzen, Germany / Netherland
Nasser Palangi, Iran / Australia
 Tania Elisabeth Welz, Italy / Germany
Meshal Al-Obaidallah, Saudi Arabia

Gallery Show Award
Eman ElHashemi, United Arab Emirates
Nooran Al Bannay, United Arab Emirates
Sara AlSuwaidi, United Arab Emirates
Mariam Abbas, United Arab Emirates
Hui Chi Lee, China / USA
 Tian Mangzi, China
 Alexis Avlamis, Greece
Ozlem Habibe Mutaf Buyukarman, Turkey
Aimee Joaristi, Costa Rica
Alisa Tanaka-King. Australia
Alessandra Sequeira, Costa Rica
Amir Hariri, Iran / USA
Antonio Faria, Portugal
Dace Lucia Kidd, Latvia / USA
Dimitrios Oikonomou, Greece
Chloë Feldman Emison, USA
Jeff Scofield, USA / UAE
José Luis Puche Nieto, Spain
Imrana Tanveer, Pakistan
Takayoshi Ueda, Japan
Camella Kim, South Korea / United States
Frédérique Nolet de Brauwere, Belgium
Noor Al Naqaweh, Syria / Canada
Raphael Tanos, Belgium
David Laurent, Belgium
Hannah Meersseman, Belgium
Maité Fiolle, Belgium
Marie Aurore Marseille, Belgium
Camille Nicolle, Belgium
Virginia Foletti, Belgium

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Launch Event: 4th International Emerging Artist Award 2015-2016 Call For Entries Now Open - Deadline 15 January 2016

sInternational Emerging Artist Award is pleased to announce the launch exhibition of its 4th Award edition, which is currently hosted in Plantation at Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach, the award's exclusive hospitality partner until the 30th of November.The exhibition showcases a selection of contemporary fine art by Emirati and international laureates, representing some of the best discoveries from the award since its inception. 

Award Director and event curator, Rebia Naim, commented:  "The event aims at showing the diversity in contemporary art, from cultural background that influences the artist's style, to medium that unveils innovative and experimental art practices, making us realise there is no one definition to it.” 

The exhibition, which gathers 16 laureates from previous editions, coincides with the Open Call for the 2015-2016 award edition and aims at encouraging both Emirati and international artists with ambitious career plans to take part in the award program. Entries will be received until 15 January 2016 through online registration at

Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach has been an active player in developing the local art scene providing support to both artists and art organisations to set up exclusive art shows in its 5* venues. As the official hospitality partner of the 4th International Emerging Artist Award, Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach will provide an outstanding stay package to the winners contributing to the enhancement of the artists' career and certainly the promotion of the city as an artsy destination.

Artists in show

Asian Head, 2014
3D Print, 30 x 30 x 45 cm
Beyond the raw aspect of bodies, I intend to breathe a new dimension into them, a dimension that is my own personal view and through which I offer a unique, different understanding of their reality. I also aim for technical achievement in order to astonish and surprise viewers, and to pique their curiosity. Their reaction to my sculptures is an integral part of my artistic approach. I am always amused to see spectators put on their near-sight glasses to look inside the sculptures, as if they were looking for their hidden secret.
ASMA ALAHMAD, United Arab Emirates
Titan, 2015
Painting, mix media
50 x 70 cm
My work is influenced by the environment psychology and how we respond to it, how we interact with the space around us and the emotional content that landscape and man-made objects seem to stir up. The object happen to become absorbent. It then refuses its representational or symbolic condition and becomes something like an echo or an instrument.
SANYA ARIF, Pakistan
Miniature painting
Watercolor on paper, 2013
50 x 70 cm                                    
​My work depicts the energy that flows from the fabric of our universe. Through colorful swirls it portrays beautiful scenes where the human being exist in harmony with nature and demonstrates how life is interconnected. It exerts a hypnotic effect on the viewer, allowing him to actually experience the energy on an emotional and instinctual level. I have also shared in this painting some life experiences regardless our culture.
DAVID PAUL KAY, United States
The Dot. , 2014
Marker on wood, 120 x 120 cm
I see exteriors transformed into vibrant intricate black and white lines. My work just like everything that lives is a developing matter, simple yet extremely complicated but progressively organic. With the piece "The Dot" I directly state that it doesn't take much to create a lot, everything was once nothing though nothing will ever be everything.
Fabric necklace, 2015
Wearable art
My work uses recovered materials to show that inanimate objects can be re-used and reinvented as something else: a piece of jewelry for example. Lima, my home, is a city of re-use and invention where creativity means survival.  Here nothing is discarded.  This is why I find a correlation between my work and the life of vultures-animals who despite eating rotten meat and garbage live a happy and healthy life.

ROSANA ANTOLÍ, United Kingdom
In Search of Miraculous Tribute , 2013
Ink and acrylic on paper, local stones and branches.  
The artwork is a tribute to the last unsuccessful adventure of Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader. It is also a reflection about our exposure before the forces of nature: fragile and challenging at the same time. 
I mainly focus my practice in the intersection of art, politics and everyday life
Modular Stone Table (set of 8)
60 x 60 x 45 cm
Her work stems from, but does not imitate, Islamic design. She is inspired by the ability of traditional Islamic art to communicate emotions through the use of simple geometry and vibrant color, and is drawn to the balance achieved through the symmetry in this abstract from of art.
Noor has created her artistic language by adapting Islamic geometric design into contemporary art. She subsequently applies it in painting, sculpture, and furniture design to respectively highlight its most unique values: power of color, simplicity in form and undeniable beauty.
Pigeon Man, 2011
Mixed media on canvas, 90 x 160 cm
Joy and woe are woven fine,
A clothing for the soul divine,
Under every grief and pine,
Runs a joy with silken twine.
It is right it should be so,
We were made for joy and woe,
And when this we rightly know,
Through the world we safely go.
 by William Blake                                                                                                         
​United Arab Emirates
Safe Trip, 2015
Mix media, 40 x 60 cm

When interacting with art a unique experience takes flight. Sketches of well known paintings are combined with aviation advertisements to wish everyone a safe artistic trip. 
AHMED AL FARESI, United Arab Emirates
Colony of thoughts, 2015
Ink on paper
The piece explores the notion of infinity of infinities a paradox mathematical problem introduced by the famous mathematician Godel. In an attempt to grasp this notion the brain is unable to do anything more than build a colony of thoughts around it, hence the repetitive infinity sign that I used to build what looks like a termite colony.
Chronicles of Anna, 2014
Dimensions variable
Resin Sculpture
Born in 1966, Eric Pottier was very early fascinated by conceptual art. In constant search of aesthetic, Eric got inspired by the hit series The Chronicles of Anna. Thus, the symbol of the apple became his main source of expression. Eric stands as a spectator of our world and takes us towards a universe of dreams and utopia through his art.
DACE LUCIA KIDD, United States
Shausmas, 2014
Dimensions variable
Wood, fabric, paint, metal, ready-made objects
The artwork has been inspired by the French artist Marcel Vertes. He was known as one of the best forgers of Toulouse Lautrec works. Vertes’ recognizable, ironical and sarcastic style was a key to his success as an artist and his successful commercial designs for the Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. I have translated one of Vertes drawings to allude to the issue of the stereotypical idea of aesthetic and branding. My work features the fictional fashion label “Shausmas”, which translates from Latvian as horrible. My goal is to communicate different levels of existence such as: artist as artist; artist as salesperson; artist as merchandise and even a model.
Shouting-hit-or-miss 1&2, diptych
Screen print on 300 grs black stock, 2015
60 x 80 cm, edition of 25.
My artistic practice deals with ideas of multi-parallel entities in a digitized society, using digital collage as a pivotal element of diverse practice. Phantom like creations take shape as paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, animation and mixed media installation to coalesce into a vibrant image of transformation.  
Durkheim, 2015
Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
At a large intersection, people cross it while dodging each other without talking. This is the contrast I try to highlight through my art which can be noticed in big cities with skyscraper, brilliant neon lights, traditional temples and great nature. It is a metaphoric expression of group consciousness where each role played by the individual must stand out. 
Sleep Series, 2015
Sewing on pillow, 70 x 90 cm
Dream is such a window open to a board universe. In dreaming we are observes who stare into the farthest most terrible wonderful and coming back to the real world achieving exclusive experiences. Images of us in dreams are revealed in the right truest evidence; an original icon which introduces us to the peripheral world wildly. Pillow is a metonymy of a dream; as a canvas embraces the next of body.
PETRA KALTENBACH, from Germany living in Dubai
A Never Ending Story, 2015
Video Art, 15s
Petra Kaltenbach is observing Dubai. "A never ending story" shows an essential aspect of Dubai : The daily Sisyphean task with the everlasting sand.
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Sabrina Amrani Gallery presents 3rd International Emerging Artist Award winner, Korean-American artistTimothy Hyunsoo Lee in a solo show for the first time in Europe.

Traces 301.4 (II), 2013, watercolor on aquarelle paper
In psychoanalytical theory, the concept of the “uncanny” refers to the cognitive dissonance of a strange doubleness; an instance of something which is both familiar and yet uncomfortably strange. At the sudden sight of this uncanny, the subject breaks down and doubles: It reacts with horror to the loss of distinction between subject and object, self and other. 

Accordingly, in ‘double-sided’, a solo exhibition by Korean-American artist Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, the artist doubles himself as a multiplicity of ghost identities, transitions and throughways. The early experience of immigration and psychological disorder, placed Lee in a privileged position of radical otherness. Using paper as his primary medium and metaphor, Lee's world appears elastic and volatile, almost at breaking point, yet mysteriously at rest. 

The artist draws on his own traumatic experience of anxiety and panic disorders as a child, which then translated into his work as a site of reconstruction: the missed encounter with the real at the heart of trauma can only be explored through repetition and surveying. Expanding his psyche as an abstract territory, Lee maps out cartographies and topologies onto large-scale watercolors which operate as both
surface and object. The traditional inertia of classical painting is abandoned for the sake of a sensorial experience engaging all manners of motion and bending, and splitting the gravity of space into an open field of impressions and traces. Beyond the rigid impositions of conceptual art, Lee turns away from reductionism, liberating expression from description.

His expressiveness however is not unbound but meticulous. The painted diamond-like cells, basic unit of his grammar, is a reference to the visual culture of cytohistology - the study of cells and tissues,
which maps out mental illness not as a psycho-social condition but as a psycho-biological singularity. The works in the exhibition, loyal to the topological nature of Lee's practice are not a seamless units but a surface in constant growth: spanning between 2012 and 2014, the early and more sculptural works such as Gookeyes (2012) explore the racial politics of Asians in America, with particular regard to the invisibility imposed on migrant communities: asian eyes are hidden behind white paper, turning our gaze toward a metaphor for rejection and superfluousness.

The subtler, folded sculptural forms deployed in 296.61 (2013) and Halo (2013), belongING to the series 'Traces', are based on paintings of traditional Korean spirit masks, investigating identity and representation.
How to appear in the world with dual identities? A bearer of conflict? A sufferer of illness? The suffering subject is barely visible or audible. This ghostly presence, however, is synonymous with porosity: the ability to translate and cross-pollinate. In the large watercolor 300.2 (2013) from the same series, a more polymorphous surface begins to appear, attesting to Lee's engagement with the spirituality of Kandinsky, and the outreach for the 'other self', finding solace in the purity of color and line, and dwelling on his own double-entendre; at a precarious threshold between moderation and madness. In the most recent works, from the 2014 series 'Impressions', Composition II and 296.35 the artist has internalized his 'other self', in order to create ever more complex structures, simultaneously abstract and intimate - an architecture of the mind. The sculptures Mother's Craft and Mugunghwa ground the exhibition with a stronger gravitational imposed on migrant communities: asian eyes are hidden behind white paper, turning our gaze toward a metaphor for rejection and superfluousness.

In the most recent works, from the 2014 series 'Impressions', Composition II and 296.35 the artist has internalized his 'other self', in order to create ever more complex structures, simultaneously abstract and intimate - an architecture of the mind. The sculptures Mother's Craft and Mugunghwa ground the exhibition with a stronger gravitational pull, and materialize his new abstract language into voluminous form.
There's no double without devouring, writes Sarah Kofman, without cutting into what, without it, might have passed for a full, self-sufficient presence. The double disfigures the original, disturbs the order between the real world and the presence of art: "Art upsets the opposition between these two worlds, causes each to slip into the other.

About the artist

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee (born 1990, South Korea), is an emerging Korean-American artist working in Brooklyn, New York, USA. His love for drawing began as a child, but his decision to pursue art professionally happened during his last year as a Biology, Drawing, and Neuroscience major at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT). Drawn to the studio, and the creative process of making art, Timothy withdrew
his ambitions of attending medical school and rented a studio in Williamsburg upon graduation, where he currently works.
Hyunsoo Lee’s works are inspired by themes of social stigma, identity, psychological disorders, and more recently, of spirituality and religion. He explores these themes through a novel vector – paintings and sculptures consisting largely of cell-like marks that vary in size, color, and saturation. His works are seen as ethereal and delicate, but the extremely labor-intensive compositions, marked by intensely obsessive repetitions, quickly betray that initial perception. Exploring his own history of anxiety disorders through his art, Timothy confronts and manipulates his tics and compulsions and channels them into his works. In responding to his anxiety with art, he has developed a novel system of mind-mapping – “a cartography of his psychopathology” – to study a part of himself that initially drew him to study developmental biology and neuroscience in college.

The artist works almost exclusively in watercolour and gouache, and prefers this medium over other paints and marking systems due to watercolor’s unstable nature. Mastering watercolor primarily involves understanding the pigment’s interaction with water, and the solution’s interaction with its surface, and every application of paint will result in a different mark. Thus, watercolor prevents him from “fussing” over trivial details in his works.

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee is the recipient of the 3rd International Emerging Artist Award in 2014, which earned him a 2-year representation by Sabrina Amrani. The artist has been awarded by the Alliance of Young Artists & Writers, the National Young Arts Foundation and the VSA Emerging Young Artists Program, and was longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize.

Sabrina Amrani will be showcasing Timothy Hyunsoo Lee's work with a solo presentation in Art Stage Singapore (January 2015) and a duo show in ARCOmadrid (February 2015).

29 October 2014, 7 p.m.

Detail of Gookeyes, 2014. Folded and painted Arches Aquarelle paper. Variable dimensions.
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International Emerging Artist Awards (IEAA) is delighted to reveal the winners of its third award Edition.

Held at a truly unique location on the 40th floor of Media One Hotel, key pieces from the self-portrait series “Deliverance” by Emirati winner Saeed Khalifa and the series “Traces” by international winner Timothy Hyunsoo Lee were unveiled for the first time. Alongside the winners, art enthusiasts were given the opportunity to admire the work of 12 Emirati laureates and the Top 15 international artists. An Honorary award was given to Emirati laureate Sheikha Alyazia Al Nahyan bint Mubarak Al Nahyan for the Carrom station, a traditional game board converted into a contemporary art installation.

IEAA is giving this year’s winners, Saeed Khalifa and Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, the unprecedented opportunity to launch their careers onto an international level: securing both winners a two-year representation at Sabrina Amrani Gallery (Madrid, Spain) which includes the participation at international arts fairs and group shows. In addition, the artwork will be showcased on Elevision Media’s platform of digital screens across Dubai and an exclusive broadcast on Ikono TV.

Saeed Khalifa, a self-taught visual artist living and working in Dubai (UAE), was chosen for his digital photographic work. Khalifa is attracted to the “unusual – the little things people usually don’t notice”. The artist is interested in body language, which is overlooked in modern society as a form of communication method. He usually works with the body of the human being as a canvas and tends to keep the subject of the image honest but the surroundings bent or broken.

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, an emerging Korean-American artist working in New York (USA), withdrew his ambitions of attending medical school and instead focused on his art aspirations. Lee has developed a novel system of mind-mapping – “a cartography of his psychopathology”. Lee works almost exclusively in watercolour and gouache.

IEAA’s mission is to promote and increase the visibility of both Emirati and international emerging artists on the global art scene. Award director Rebia Naim said: “What differentiates IEAA from other art contests is primarily its mission to identify the innovative aspect of the artwork submitted, its originality and the overall coherence of the exhibition project.”






Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, SOUTH KOREA / USA, WINNER

John Franzen, GERMANY
William Mackrell, UNITED KINGDOM
Rushdi Anwar, AUSTRALIA
Laurent Mareschal, FRANCE
João Freitas, LUXEMBOURG
Zahra Jewanjee, PAKISTAN
Minahil Hafeez, PAKISTAN
Virginia Frieyro, SPAIN
Chi Chuen Wong, HONG KONG 
Muzzumil Ruheel, PAKISTAN
Imrana Tanveer, PAKISTAN
Sulaiman Majali, UNITED KINGDOM
André Azevedo, BRAZIL


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IEAA Winners Grand Exhibition Opening, Dubai

Dubai’s art scene sees IEAA announce the 2014 shortlist 

International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) has released the names of the shortlisted candidates for its 3rd award edition.

This year IEAA has nominated 13 Emirati candidates for the final judging round of the Emerging Emirati Artist Award, a prestigious award dedicated to Emirati artists offering local talents a rare opportunity to be propelled onto the international art scene. This year, the prize comprises 2 years representation by European gallery Sabrina Amrani (Madrid, Spain) which includes a show at the gallery and the participation at international arts fairs and group shows.

Award director Rebia Naim states: “This is a unique opportunity for Emiratis to build their profile on the international art scene. Our partnership with Sabrina Amrani Gallery is the perfect choice for this 3rd award edition. Not only for their profound understanding of the Middle East region but also for their global approach of the art market and active participation in international art events. This is a chance for an Emirati to benefit from a major career development and international exposure.”

The 2014 International Award category attracted over 2,000 registrants from all over the world. An impressive line-up of 63 contemporary artists from all 5 continents with a variety of art specialties (video art, installation, drawing, photography, painting and mix media) are currently in the race for the IEAA grand prize.

“What makes this edition different from the previous ones is the uncovering of more experimental work using both unusual materials and innovative techniques. Showing such variety of work in the UAE provides the opportunity for the local art scene to be inspired and exposed to an international art education.” added Rebia Naim

The international jury panel is currently scoring the shortlisted applications and the final deliberation is scheduled for the 28th of February. Submitted projects are scored based on: concept, technical ability, coherence between the concept & artwork and general impression.

All shortlisted candidates will have their work broadcast on Ikono TV, a dedicated art channel based in Berlin covering 30 countries with an audience of 35 million viewers. The campaign will receive intensive support by Dubai based media partner Elevision Media who will be displaying the shortlisted artwork on its network of digital screens throughout Dubai, reaching 80,000 viewers a day.

“We are delighted that with this partnership we are able to support the arts community, specifically new and upcoming artists. By partnering with IEAA we are also able to achieve our mission of providing engaging content to our viewers.” says Niall Sallam, CEO Elevision.

The prize-presentation and unveiling of the winners' work will take place Mid May (Date to be announced) on the 41st floor of the Media One Hotel.

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IEAA 2013-2014 Grand Prize: words are not enough, see it yourself!

2017 Australian Muslim Artist - All rights reserved

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